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GTBH 8/20/17: That De-Escalated Quickly

August 20, 2017

Every week, two of the Best Fans in Baseball (TM) bring you all the news and analysis you need about the St. Louis Cardinals.  As arms are collapsing left and right--mainly right, given all the lefties still active in the pen--Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Tara (Bird Seeds, @tarawellman) wonder just what to make of this team.  Were they really that team that won eight straight?  Are they back to their malaise that they had most of the season?  Can this newfound togetherness last through the storms of three inning starts and bullpen meltdowns?  And just what can the front office do to fix these pitching problems--if anything?  There aren't a whole lot of answers here, we warn you, but we'll give plenty of air to the problems!

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