Gateway to Baseball Heaven: A St. Louis Cardinals Podcast

GTBH 4/18/21: Inconsistency, Thy Name Is Cardinals

April 18, 2021

Every week, two of the Best Fans in Baseball (TM) bring you all the news and analysis you need about the St. Louis Cardinals.  It was a losing week of baseball for the Redbirds and Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Tara (Birds on the Black, @tarawellman) are a bit worn out from the steep ups and crazy downs this season has brought on so far.  Is the fact that the Cards have a lot of people "hitting the ball hard" a sign of things to come or a palliative that doesn't address the real issue?  Can any of these starters actually find the sixth inning?  Will it all come together soon?  No answers, but plenty of questions!

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