GTBH 7/23/17: Not Good Enough, Not Bad Enough

July 23, 2017

Every week, two of the Best Fans in Baseball (TM) bring you all the news and analysis you need about the St. Louis Cardinals.  It's another ESPN Sunday Night game, but Daniel (@C70, C70 At The Bat) and Tara (@tarawellman, Bird Seeds) don't let that stop them as they talk about all sorts of frustrations and aggravations relating to this team.  It was another tough weekend in Chicago, but the Cardinals looked like they could basically hold their own against a Cubs team that is now tied for first.  Yet they still sit under .500, so what do you do with the trade deadline looming?  Is there anything John Mozeliak and Michael Girsch can do or are they basically forced to make wholesale changes in the offseason, an offseason that is simultaneously coming up too fast and not fast enough for this squad?  And what does it say about those changes, especially when it comes to the guy in charge of the club, when Mozeliak makes pointed comments about the culture and attitudes in the dugout?  All of this and more in this week's Gateway!


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