Gateway to Baseball Heaven

GTBH 3/26/17: The roster, the Yadi, and Wong

March 26, 2017

Every week, two of the Best Fans in Baseball (TM) bring you all the news and analysis you need about the St. Louis Cardinals.  It's been another successful week of spring training, but Daniel Shoptaw (C70 At The Bat) and Tara Wellman (Bird Seeds) actually have a lot to talk about that wasn't on the field.  The Cardinals set their 25-man roster early this season--were there any surprises?  What does this mean for the future of Tommy Pham?  Yadier Molina is back from the WBC with a new lease on life and a new contract deadline.  Can the Cardinals sign him?  Should the Cardinals sign him?  What's causing this breakdown?  We finish up with a subject near and dear to Tara's heart, Kolten Wong.  Does this idea that he's going to be platooned indicate a breaking of the "you're our second baseman" pledge from this offseason?  Can Kolten ever get his head right?  All that and...well, that's pretty much it, but it's a lot of good stuff crammed into 45 minutes, so you should be good.

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